What Kinds of Paintings Does Jeff Hanson Make?


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Jeff Hanson paints abstract and impressionistic pictures that feature bright colors and broad strokes, and he is especially fond of the color purple. Many of the works for sale on his website as of 2016 use acrylic paint on highly textured canvas. A slideshow of his works on CBSNews.com includes pictures of flowers alongside more abstract works.

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Jeff Hanson is visually impaired, having suffered neurofibromatosis, which caused a tumor to grow on his optic nerve. The tumor left Hanson legally blind, and although he cannot drive a car, he continues to paint.

Hanson began painting when he was 12 and began selling works soon afterwards. His first works featured watercolor paints on note cards, which he sold from a stall in his driveway. Hanson transitioned to creating larger works on canvases with acrylic paint and began selling these at charity auctions.

In 2013, Hanson met his goal of raising $1 million for charity by selling his paintings. Along with canvases, he has painted dresses and a Porsche by hand, the proceeds of which went to charity. Celebrities who have purchased his paintings include Elton John, Warren Buffett and Susan Sarandon. Hanson has also completed commissioned works for collectors, hospitals and Fortune 500 corporations.

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