What Kinds of Music Does Jango Radio Play?

Jango radio plays music from a wide variety of genres including country, jazz, pop, blues and hip hop. Users can choose from a range of music styles within each genre and customize their own stations based on their preferences.

Jango is a free online radio service created in 2007. As of 2015, users search Jango by artist, genre or decade. The site then creates a personalized station by suggesting other songs by similar artists. If a user chooses a Led Zeppelin song, Jango recommends other classic rock bands such as Black Sabbath, AD/DC and Pink Floyd. The site also allows users to share their songs with other Jango users listening to similar music.

Jango offers multiple stations within each genre. Country options include Country Party Hits, Hot Country, Country Tailgate and Cowboy Rock Party. Options for hip hop stations include Hip Hop Chill Out, Hot Rap and Really Hip Hop. Jazz stations include Smooth Jazz, Swing Jazz, Classic Jazz and Bebop. Options for blues stations include Modern Blues, Chicago Blues, Country Blues and Blues Legends.

Jango also recommends independent and emerging artists along with the music of similar artists. Users can tailor their stations by deleting music they don’t like and rating songs to play more or less frequently. Jango radio is also available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.