What Kinds of Live Shows Are on MBC 2?

What Kinds of Live Shows Are on MBC 2?

Viewers can watch live action movies and Hollywood news and entertainment programs on MBC2. MBC2 is a free, 24-hour satellite channel that is broadcast to the Middle East.

The first free movie satellite channel in the Middle East, MBC2 offers a variety of Western movies, many still in English with subtitles. Most offerings are action and horror movies, such as "Iron Man 2." "Commando" and "Nightmare on Elm Street."

Viewers may also find more serious titles, including Leonardo DiCaprio's "Blood Diamond" and Johnny Depp's "Public Enemies." The occasional comedy may also pop up, including "Rebound" and "Kangaroo Jack."

The channel also runs a few entertainment shows, such as "The Insider" and "Entertainment Tonight." Another program seen several times a week is the "Scoop with Raya," which is hosted by Raya Abirached. She speaks Arabic, so viewers don't have to watch this program with the subtitles on.

Those who get MBC2 via their satellite dishes can check out the channel schedule online. Just go to the MBC home page and click on "MBC2" at the top of the page. The current week's schedule is automatically displayed. Click on the desired day and scroll down to see which movies are playing at what time of day.