What Are Some Kinds of Line Dances?

Line dances are categorized into two different categories: country line dances and popular music line dances. Some popular country line dances include the Country Slide, Cut a Rug and Canadian Stomp. Some popular music line dances include the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble.

Line dancing is a style of dance that involves a group of people dancing the same dance steps in sequence. This makes line dancing different from paired dancing, solo dancing or circle dancing which all typically involve the dancers touching or interacting with one another. Line dancers perform synchronized dances but do not typically touch one another or interact during the dance.

While country line dancing involves steps that can be done to a number of different songs according to the counts, beats and rhythm of the music, many popular music line dancing is done to specific songs. For example, one of the most famous line dances is the Electric Slide which is typically done to the song "Electric Boogie" by Marcia Griffiths. Line dances and the songs they are set to share names like the Cha Cha Slide by Mr. C the Slide Man. Many of these songs that share their name with the line dance often include lyrics that are instructional to performing the line dance.