What Kinds of Answers Are Expected on the "Divergent" Accelerated Reader Test?

The "Divergent" Accelerated Reader test asks readers to recall many significant plot points of the novel. This includes the main character Tris' actions, conversations and emotional reactions to events in the story.

Most of the questions and answers in the Accelerated Reader "Divergent" quiz are very straightforward. The quiz frames every question in a multiple-choice style. If a student is unsure of the answer, he can use the process of elimination to rule out the three incorrect answers.

One of the main focuses of the quiz is the basic plot of the novel. For example, if the quiz asks how Tris helped her team win capture the flag, the correct answer is that she climbed the Ferris wheel.

The quiz may also ask about characters' reactions to different events in the novel, such as when Tris responded angrily to seeing Peter read a negative report about her father and Abegnation.

When taking an Accelerated Reader test, it is important to remember that the quiz bases its questions on the book, not on movie adaptations. AR tests includes specific details about the books that may not appear in the movies. The "Divergent" Accelerated Reader test answers are likely to be very specific, so it is important to read the novel very carefully.