What Kind of Programs Does 3ArabTV Air?


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3ArabTV is an Arabic television station that airs many types of programs, with a focus on dramas and reality shows as well as some national news. Its website, 3ArabTV.com, features a list of its programming as well as national and international news stories and a link to several live streaming Arabic channels at 3ArabLive.com.

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As of December 2015, the most popular programs listed on 3ArabTV.com include an action show, a TV drama and a reality show. The station's affiliate site at 4RBTV.com features a list of the most recent episodes of these and other shows as well as links to full-length Youtube videos of each episode.

3ArabTV's featured action show is "Zarf Aswad: The Black Envelope," featuring actor Amr Youssef, who plays a man searching for answers after the loss of his family. The featured reality show is "Star Maker," a show featuring talented young people attempting to become famous. The final featured television series is "Hob La Yamot," or "Love Does Not Die," a drama about human relationships.

They also feature a series of movies and shows known as the "Ramadan Series." This series is entirely new each year and is broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan, which is considered to be the best time to air new shows. These shows include a mix of modern programming and traditional religious content.

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