What Kind of Program Is "Canli Izle" on ATV?


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Canli Izle is not a program itself but a live streaming site for Turkish television on which ATV network programs can be found. Though intended for a Turkish audience, a wide range of American and international television programs can be streamed on Canli Izle at ecanlitvixle.com.

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A Turkish phrase, "Canli Izle" directly translates to "watch live." Rather than Canli Izle being on ATV, ATV programs, along with many others, are available on ecanlitvizle.com. Canli Izle offers television streaming services in Turkey including Fox, CNN, CNBC-e, TRT1, NTV, Star, TV8 and many more. This streaming site regularly features sitcoms, sports, news, dramas and soap operas from around the globe and within Turkey. The site can be accessed and used from the United States, but most of the content is only available in Turkish.

ATV, Avrupa or "Europe" TV, is a full service Turkish television network. ATV offers news, game shows, late night style comedy, drama, situation comedies and numerous other television genres. As the name suggests, ATV intends to offer a European or western style entertainment network to Turkish audiences. Original ATV series include (each title translated to English): "Sunflower," "Lizard," "Black Bread," "Offended Flowers," "Love Time" and "Black Money Love."

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