What Kind of Paper Do Magazines Use?

kind-paper-magazines-use Credit: Bartomeu Amengual/age fotostock/Getty Images

Magazines use groundwood paper, coated and uncoated offset paper and freesheet paper with different grade specifications and weights. Groundwood paper used by magazines generally ranges from 36 to 60 weight and is 4 or 5 grade. Magazines use freesheet paper starting at 3 grade and between 50 and 100 weight.

According to Magazine Publisher, magazines running uncoated offset paper use offset presses and either 50, 60 or 75 weight paper. Coated offset papers are categorized according to finish: glossy, matte or dull. The grade of the paper is according to specific composition and characteristics, such as brightness. The weight of the paper is determined by the weight of a 500 sheet "ream" of paper that is cut to standard size, which is 25 inches by 38 inches for text paper and 20 inches by 26 inches for cover weight papers.