What Kind of Paint Do I Use on Mirrors?

kind-paint-use-mirrors Credit: Doug Farmer/CC-BY-2.0

Acrylic enamel paints, acrylic enamel mixed with glass and tile medium, and specialized solvent-based glass paints can be used on mirrors. Mix paints thoroughly before application by shaking the bottle or gently stirring. As a rule, water should never be used to thin glass paint. Dry brushes completely before dipping them in glass paint to avoid risk of weakening strength and adhesion.

Glass-Tiques by DecoArt are fun to use and produce rich, transparent texture on mirrored glass. These paints remain thick and are desirable for making marks and swirls on vertical surfaces. Americana Gloss Enamels, also by DecoArt, are water-based and compatible with one another. They are smooth and durable and are designed to adhere to multiple surfaces. Americana Gloss Enamels are available in 3D opaque and frost formulas, Crystal Gloss and Crystal Gloss Glitter. Liquid Rainbow paint by Pioneer Craft brings elegance to mirrored glass pieces intended for home enhancement. It creates the look of stained glass and can be removed without causing damage. A well-prepared surface free of dirt and grease provides the perfect canvas for acrylic glass paint. Warm water mixed with soap or vinegar is recommended for cleaning. Wearing latex or surgical gloves will prevent hands from smudging the project's surface.