What Kind of News Topics Does the Jutarnji List Cover?

What Kind of News Topics Does the Jutarnji List Cover?

The Jutarnji List is a Croatian daily newspaper that covers Croatian news, world news, sports, culture, celebrity automotive, home and design, food, lifestyle, health, and science news. The newspaper launched in April 1998.

Since its inception in 1998, Jutarnji List has become the most successful daily newspaper in Croatia since the 1950s. It received its name from an extinct newspaper that was in circulation before World War II.

The sports section of Jutarnji List focuses primarily on Croatian football. It also covers tennis, auto racing, and international football.

The culture section features articles on books, film and television, music, art and design, and theater.

There is a section that covers 'spectacles' that is concerned with showbiz gossip and other tabloid material. The Miss Universe pageant has its own page, with the bulk of the stories featuring the adventures of Miss Croatia.

The lifestyle portion has several advice columns for many topics including nutrition, family, sex, travel, home and real estate, pets, and back to school.

The health section details the latest discoveries in scientific innovation to combat diseases. There is a standalone section dedicated entirely to stories about Down syndrome. It is an inspirational section designed to help families cope with having a family member with Down syndrome.