What Kind of Music Does Mindless Behavior Play?

Mindless Behavior is a boy band whose music is a mixture of pop, Hip Hop and R&B. They are just as known for their music as they are for their unique fashion sense and impeccable dance moves.

Mindless Behavior is a teen quartet who, as of 2015, features members Jacob Perez (Princeton), Rayon Lopez (Ray Ray), Elijah Johnson (EJ) and Michael River (Mike). Former members include Chresanto August (Roc Royal) and Craig Crippen (Prodigy). The band has had worldwide hits, including the tracks "My Girl" and "Mrs. Right." While "My Girl" and "Mrs. Right" combine pop and R&B vibes, the group's third single, "Girls Talkin Bout," features an electro beat with pop chorus.

The band was formed in Los Angeles in 2008 from an open audition attended by over 600 kids. The concept for the group was developed by Walter Millsap, CEO of Conjunction Entertainment Inc., and Vincent Herbert, head of Streamline Records. The band has since toured with popular bands and artists including Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber and Jason Derulo. In 2011, they were the recipients of the BET's viewer choice award. In 2013, Mindless Behavior released their second album as well as a film documentary about the band called "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World."