What Kind of Landscape Paintings Did Robert Wood Do?


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Robert Wood mostly favored classical landscape compositions. His most popular works include scenes of the Catskill Mountains, the Grand Tetons, the Rocky Mountains, the Texas Hill Country, the California coast and the Cascades.

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In his early years as a painter, he was more of an itinerant artist painting small works, mainly in watercolor. He reached his mature style in the 1920s, once he had settled in Texas. His work of that period uses a great deal of detail, subtlety and delicacy, showing the influence of the English landscape school that he was familiar with from his youth in England. His paintings of the 1940s capture the grandeur of the western American landscape. The details are significantly less, in favor of a more pictorial drive.

Later, he began to concentrate more on the Eastern landscape in all its seasons, and he started to paint with more impasto. At the peak of his career in Laguna Beach, he painted mainly with a bravura technique, which allowed him to capture the essential elements of the landscapes. At the same time, he continued to paint rugged landscapes of the western mountains, with more intense colors and a greater emphasis on contrast.

For decades, he was the most well-known and prolific landscape painter in America, having managed to capture on canvas memorable images of this country's most beautiful locations.

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