What Kind of Content Can You Find in King Magazine?

What Kind of Content Can You Find in King Magazine?

Scantily clad but not quite nude, curvaceous women fill the pages of King magazine, as of 2015. The men's interest magazine focuses on pop culture, hip-hop, R&B and women, with photos, videos and GIFs of celebrities, such as Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose

King magazine's leading category is girls. The defunct print version features photos, a centerfold, pinups depicted in lavish photo shoots, interviews with featured models, and articles about sports and fashion.

King.com contains links to galleries, GIFs and videos of trending girls, especially pop stars and video vixens, as King refers to them. A series of continuously updated lists showcases photos and GIFs of established and up-and-coming models as selected by the editorial team.

Brief feature articles shine the spotlight on actors and models who are in the news for any reason, such as wearing a tight and revealing dress to a VIP event. The Eye Candy video series introduces readers to King magazine cover models through behind-the-scenes coverage of the magazine photo shoot. Specially edited videos, such as "Nicki Minaj Twerk Supercut" frequently appear on the website as well.

Other video offerings on King.com include brief interviews with dancers, various video vixens twerking to music and profiles of unknown women whose beauty and talents the King editors decide to promote.