What Kind of Celebrity Gossip Does TMZ Post on Its Site?


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The entertainment news organization TMZ publishes a wide range of articles covering speculation and breaking events in the personal lives of celebrities, such as affairs, crimes and divorces. Some of its stories are speculation or gossip rather than fact because it relies on tips as sources.

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TMZ.com features numerous articles about the personal lives of different celebrities, often highlighting salacious details in an attempt to garner views. It often relies on the shock factor of the news. For example, many TMZ articles focus on the romantic lives of celebrities from angles such as divorce and cheating. If the organization obtains a tip that a certain celebrity has cheated on his spouse, it is likely to publish an article about the circulation of rumors relating to the affair. The site also focuses greatly on the sexual escapades of different celebrities, offering extensive coverage of sex tapes, leaked nude photos or potential new relationships between celebrities.

One example of the speculative nature of the site's articles is the coverage of former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner's transition from male to female. Prior to Jenner's official announcement, the site published many articles citing various sources who made claims about details of his life and relationship with his family,

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