Who Are Some of KGO Radio's Personalities?

Who Are Some of KGO Radio's Personalities?

Ronn Owens, Chip Franklin, Michael Finney, Pat Thurston and John Batchelor are some of KGO Radio's best known personalities. Their shows have made KGO Radio one of the most popular radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The highest-rated radio host of KGO Radio is Ronn Owens. On his show, which ranges from politics to pop culture, he has hosted many famous politicians and celebrities, including Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Condoleezza Rice and Jimmy Carter.

Chip Franklin is another popular radio personality on KGO Radio. His shows are known for their humour and use of irony, as Chip Franklin is also a well-known comedian.

Michael Finney is known for his "Consumer Talk" show that deals with issues of consumer justice and tries to make sure that consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area do not get ripped off.

Pat Thurston has been hosting her show on KGO Radio since 2009 and is primarily dedicated to debate, conversation and the exchange of ideas.

Another well-known radio personality of KGO Radio is John Batchelor. He is known for his exploration of American politics with a particular interest in foreign policy related to the Middle East. Besides being a radio host, he is also a well-established novelist.