What Are Some Key Features of a Non-Fiction Text?


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Some key features of a non-fiction text include factual and accurate information to inform readers about research or descriptions of real events or real people. Some types of non-fiction include newspaper articles, textbooks, essays, biographies and autobiographies. These texts present fact-based information in an organized fashion.

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Non-fiction text relays the details of a story or subject matter. For example, a story about a historical event includes the location, time or date, people involved, information pertinent to the culmination of the event and the effect the event had on those involved. Some non-fiction is based on conjecture, or what is believed to be true by the writer when the text is written.

Creative non-fiction is text based on facts, but it is enhanced by literary devices, such as voice, setting, tone and character development. In this kind of text, the writer is able to hypothesize about certain information based on the evidence of the event or subject. Some non-fiction texts are similar to fiction texts in the way the writer tells the story. Genres such as true crime non-fiction employ the same story layout as a fictional crime story by introducing characters, unfolding events through their perspective and relaying the fallout or consequences of the event to keep the readers engaged in the story.

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