What Are Some Key Features of Craftsman-Style Architecture?

What Are Some Key Features of Craftsman-Style Architecture?

Natural materials, built-ins, low-pitched roofs, porches with columns and open floor plans are key features of Craftsman-style architecture. Although strictly speaking a true Craftsman home is one built from plans in Gustav Stickley's magazine "The Craftsman," houses with the typical characteristics qualify as Craftsman-style architecture.

Craftsman homes are built from wood, stone and/ or brick elements on both the interior and exterior of the house. Usually the home features whatever natural materials are found in the particular area, but at one time, homeowners purchased kits for Craftsman homes that contained materials from other regions.

Built-ins, including cabinets, bookcases, benches and window seats, are frequent findings in Craftsman-style architecture. Incorporating these features allowed for wise use of floor space and offered a more cohesive look to the home.

Low-pitched roofs are a hallmark of Craftsman homes. Broad eaves, dormers and complex roof lines add visual interest. The covered porches with short round or square columns give the homes functional outdoor living space and offer a cooler place to relax on summer evenings.

The open floor plan typical of the Craftsman home provide larger, more versatile living areas in contrast to smaller, more dedicated rooms. Fireplaces are common in these homes, and exposed beams are a characteristic architectural feature.