What Is Katharine Caroline Bushnell's Book "God's Word to Women" About?


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Katharine Caroline Bushnell's book "God's Word to Women" is about every scripture in the Bible that pertains to women. Bushnell studied the entire Bible in Hebrew and Greek, unearthing meanings behind vague translations. "God's Word to Women" gives a picture of the role women are meant to play, at home and in church, according to the Bible.

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Katharine Caroline Bushnell said that she asked God to prove to her that Paul was not against women preaching and leading in Church, and then she would be a missionary preacher. Primarily a medical doctor, Bushnell began learning ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek to read the original scripts of the Bible. She opined that Paul was not against women, and the inequality of sexes came from humanity disavowing God. Her conclusions established that if women are being held accountable for Eve's original sin, the Church is making the notion that Jesus Christ did not atone for all sins.

"God's Word to Women" is a book telling extensively of all Bushnell's findings. The book was first published when Bushnell was 65 years old in 1921 -- a time when women were still being heavily religiously and domestically oppressed due to misinterpretations of the Bible. "God's Word to Women" is now considered a classic and is highly valued by Christian scholars.

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