What Are Some Jungle-Themed Book Fair Ideas?


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Ideas for a jungle-themed book fair include hanging maps and murals depicting jungle environments, decorating with plush jungle animals, playing jungle sound effects, displaying jungle-themed student artwork and featuring jungle-themed books in central displays. Schools can have student bands and choirs perform jungle-related songs as fair entertainment, and fair staff and volunteers can dress as safari guides or jungle animals.

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To create a jungle-themed mural, book fair staff can cover a large bulletin board in green paper and add die-cut leaves, branches and other jungle elements. Staff can use yarn to mimic jungle vines and invite children visiting the fair to color or decorate cut-outs of their favorite jungle animals. Staff can create an art station with markers, crayons and die-cut animals, such as monkeys, tigers and snakes, and pin each finished animal to the mural. In addition to the mural, staff can hang maps and highlight the locations of major jungles. An album of jungle sound effects played on a computer or boom box can add a fun and unexpected element of sound to a jungle-themed book fair.

Fair coordinators can work with the school's art teachers to encourage students to create jungle-themed artwork. Displaying these items as part of the fair gives students a sense of pride and greater involvement. Band and choral students who participate in fair entertainment also feel a greater sense of involvement, and student artwork and entertainment encourage parents and other family members to attend the fair.

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