How Do You Find "Judge Mathis" Contests?


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Individuals may find contests and giveaways sponsored by Judge Mathis by visiting judgemathistv.com under the "Featured" section. Other useful sites include askjudgemathis.com and mathiscommunitycenter.org. Check these sites periodically for updates and eligibility information.

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Judge Mathis's most well-known contest is his annual Grocery Giveaway. This contest lasts for one month, usually during November, and requires participants to find the "word of the day" by watching his self-titled television show. Each day, the show gives away $200 in free groceries, giving one viewer a chance to win the $1000 grand prize. Once participants procure the "word of the day," they then visit judgemathistv.com/grocerygiveaway to enter the contest. Each day a participant watches the show and enters the "word of the day" on the site, she increases her chances of winning the grand prize.

Other "Word of the Day" giveaways sponsored by the Judge Mathis Show include $100 gas cards.

In addition to presiding over small-claims court cases, Judge Mathis is very active in his community. A native to Detroit, Mathis founded The Mathis Community Center which is located on Detroit's west side. The center offers male mentorship programs, food drives and giveaways, career expos and parent networking opportunities. If participants are not fortunate enough to win one of Judge Mathis's contests, they can visit The Mathis Community Center for resources.

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