How Do You Join the Columbia House CD Music Club?

How Do You Join the Columbia House CD Music Club?

The Columbia House CD Club ceased operations in 2009, according to As of 2015, the Columbia House brand hosts a similar movie club at

The Bartelsman Music Group acquired the Columbia House company in 2005. The Columbia House CD Club remained the same except in name, becoming the BMG Music Club. A customer could initiate membership by simply placing an order of seven CDs, either by mail or online.

The music club's main sales hook was its offer of 12 CDs for one cent, or free. During its heyday, Columbia House often purchased large quantities of CDs directly from record companies, receiving volume discounts that they extended to their customers.

A member had only to purchase one CD at full price after the initial order of seven, order four additional CDs within one year and pay shipping, which amounted to roughly $30. The total cost was about $45, or slightly less than $4 per CD. After a customer purchased his one full-priced CD, he was free to cancel his membership at any time.

Long-term members had access to deep discounts, seasonal sales and specials, such as clearance items and buy one get one free. At one point, the club stocked more than 14,000 titles in a wide variety of genres.