What Is "Johnny Test"?

What Is "Johnny Test"?

"Johnny Test" is a cartoon about an 11-year-old boy of that name with 13-year-old genius twin sisters who perform experiments on him. These experiments typically cause issues for Johnny to solve, and he often blackmails his sisters into helping him.

"Johnny Test" premiered in 2005, and the show's first three seasons aired on Kids' WB in the United States. Cartoon Network began airing the show during its third season and continued airing it through its sixth season. In Canada, Teletoon has aired all six seasons.

Johnny, the show's protagonist, is a hyperactive boy who hates school, although he demonstrates cleverness frequently throughout the series. His twin sisters, Susan and Mary, are stubborn and gullible, despite their intelligence. Although they are similar, Susan is more emotional and irritable, while Mary is calmer and kinder.

The other main character in the series is Dukey, the family's dog. The twins gave him the intelligence and abilities of a human in an experiment, allowing him to stand on his hind legs and speak.

The show has received mixed reviews. It has received multiple Gemini award nominations and an Emmy nomination, along with a Gemini award win. A Go.com review gave "Johnny Test" three out of five stars, and it has a 5.2 out of 10 user rating on IMDB.com, as of 2015.