What Are Some "John Corey" Novels?


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Novels in the “John Corey” series include “Plum Island,” “The Lion’s Game” and “Night Fall.” Author Nelson DeMille pens this thriller series focused on the titular police detective and anti-terror agent.

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Published in 1997, “Plum Island” introduces readers to John Corey, an NYPD detective who retreats to rural Long Island after being wounded in the line of duty. Corey’s convalescence is interrupted when a young scientist couple is murdered on the island, setting off a chain of events that have implications on a global scale. Corey must solve the murder to avoid an international chemical warfare incident.

In “The Lion’s Game,” Corey is an anti-terror contract agent tasked with receiving The Lion, a Libyan terrorist leader who wishes to defect to the United States. However, a disaster on the flight prevents it from landing at JFK and propels Corey and his new partner Kate Mayfield on a cross-country manhunt in pursuit of a cunning and dangerous foe.

“Night Fall” centers on the factual crash of TWA 800 and a shadowy conspiracy surrounding the disaster. Five years after the flight, nearly everyone has written it off as an accident, except for Corey and Mayfield, who recognize evidence of a cover-up. Their suspicion sends them on the trail of a rumored videotape that supposedly contains crucial evidence of an intentional crash.

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