Why Was Joel Osteen's Wife Sued in 2008?

In 2008, a flight attendant sued Victoria Osteen, wife of pastor Joel Osteen, based on claims that Osteen had assaulted her during a 2005 flight. Sharon Brown, the attendant, alleged that Osteen threw a tantrum over a stain on a seat and pushed her into a bathroom door.

The December 19, 2005 flight on which the alleged assault took place was a Continental Airlines flight en route to Vail, Colorado from Houston, Texas. Brown stated that Osteen's attack severely traumatized her to the point of questioning her religious convictions. In court, Reginald McKamie, Brown's attorney, requested $405,000 for the attendant's damages. However, it took the jury under three hours to clear Osteen of the charges.

During the trial, Joel Osteen and passengers who were sitting near Victoria on the flight testified that no assault ever occurred. The jury agreed that it did sound as though some type of verbal dispute took place, because Osteen was unhappy about a stain on her first-class seat, but there was not sufficient evidence of a physical assault. Following the verdict, Gilles Labbe, the foreman on the jury, made a media statement that the case had been a waste of time, as reported by ABC News. According to Brown's attorney, she intended to keep working as a Continental Airlines attendant.