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Jesse Watters is a producer and interviewer working for Fox News. He is known for his On-the-Street interviews on" The O'Reilly Factor" in his popular segment Watters' World.

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Jesse Watters is well-known for his on-the-street interviews where he discusses political topics with everyday passers-by. These topics include marijuana legalization, election information, gang violence, Earth Day and other small holidays and the influence of technology.

Watters received a lot of scrutiny for what was seen as distasteful mocking of the entire state of Vermont for its unabashed liberalism. Several high school students attacked him personally. Watters replied to these students in an interview filled with his trademark smart-aleck comments. He decided to mock the kids by calling them ski bums and implying they are heavy marijuana users.

Watters did another notorious piece on the topic of global warming. He looked at snowstorms and other examples of extreme cold weather that he cited as proof that global warming is a myth. He talked about how the world cannot be progressively getting hotter while experiencing drastic cold weather. In response, one guest explained that the term "global warming" has been replaced with the more appropriate term "climate change" because the runaway greenhouse effect has to do with extreme weather on both ends of the climate spectrum.

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