What Are Some Facts About Jesse Belle Denver?

Jesse Belle Denver is the daughter of singer John Denver and actress Cassandra Delaney. Jesse Belle is an artist who paints and makes jewelry. She also creates natural healing products.

Jesse Belle's father, John Denver, was born under the name Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. on Dec. 31, 1943. He married Cassandra Delaney, his second wife, in 1988, but the couple divorced in 1993. Denver didn't expect to have a baby with Delaney because he believed he was sterile. Jesse Belle was still a child when her father died while flying his plane in 1997. She has two siblings, a brother named Zachary and a sister named Anna Kate, both adopted by her father during his first marriage.

Jesse Belle paints with acrylics and pastels. She sells prints of her paintings and photographs. She also sells hand-made jewelry and healing products, which include healing crystals and essential oil blends.

Her products are available on her website JesseBelleDenver.com as of 2015. Customers are able to purchase products through the sites online ordering system or email Jesse Belle directly. In addition to her pre-made essential oils, Jesse Belle creates custom essential oils based on the customer's symptoms. She also offers products from other companies.