What Are Some "Jeopardy" Quiz Questions?

Examples of "Jeopardy" quiz questions include "This 1955 hit begins, 'One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock,'" "The Pride of America sails for this cruise line with a Scandinavian name" and "It's equal to about 39.37 inches." The answers are "'Rock Around the Clock," "Norwegian" and "a meter," respectively.

Each game of Jeopardy features questions from different categories. Categories are numerous and examples include "The Daily Show," "Quotes from Shakespeare" and "Moroccan History." Examples of questions from each of these categories include "Mario Batali is a co-host of this ABC show about all things edible," "After being wounded by Othello, this villain says, 'I bleed, sir, but not killed'" and "In 429 the Vandals ended 400 years of control by this empire." The respective answers to these questions are "'The Chew,'" "Iago" and "the Roman Empire."

Another example is "At 10 points apiece, these two letters have the highest value in Scrabble" from the category "Letters & Words." The correct answer is "Q and Z." From the category "Starting 'en,'" another example is "'Close' or not, it's an unplanned or unexpected meeting." The answer must begin with the letters "en," making the answer "encounter." Another question is "An old joke says that golf was invented by the same people who think that music comes out of these." The category is "Sharp (& Flat) Instruments" and the answer is "bagpipes."