What Is the Jay Z Illuminati Rumor?


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The Jay Z Illuminati rumor is a collection of many aspersions pertaining to the rappers' murky symbolism both in image and rhetoric. The Illuminati are an alleged elite secret society who has invisibly pulled the strings of politics, economics and culture for centuries and, according to the theory, have now appropriated Jay Z for their hegemonic purposes.

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Those most faithful to the rumor allege that explicit and implicit references within Jay's songs, videos, public appearances and performances are indicative of an allegiance to the order that has enabled his worldwide and unprecedented success. This diligent contingent of observers notes the relevance of rap in contemporary society, so, for them, it naturally follows that they were an influential clandestine organization interested in exercising some social control by utilizing this medium. They would naturally adopt and promote those individuals capable of helping implement their agenda.

Some, such as former Public Enemy member Professor Griff, contend that Jay Z does function as an agent of oppression, though the Professor does not go so far as to name him as an Illuminati agent. He cites Jay Z's establishment status and privilege and contrasts it with the liberating impulse at the heart of his own group music and social advocacy. Whatever the truth of Jay Z's allegiances, he certainly knows how to court and encourage intrigue.

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