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Jay Black is an American singer born on Nov. 2, 1938, best known as the second lead singer of Jay and the Americans. His birth name was David Blatt, and he is often referred to by his nickname, "The Voice."

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Jay Black began his career by recording songs such as "No More" and "Forgive Me." In 1962, Black became the lead singer of Jay and the Americans, following the departure of John "Jay" Traynor. The group achieved massive success in the late 1960s, with songs such as "Walkin' in the Rain" and a cover of The Drifters' "This Magic Moment," which reached #9 on the Billboard charts. Though the group broke up in 1973, Black continued to use Jay and the Americans as the name for his solo act.

However, Black was forced to sell the name in 2006, after he accumulated over $500,000 in gambling debts. In an effort to better pay off his debts, the IRS requested Black sell the rights to his stage name. Though Black was forced to sell the rights to Jay and the Americans, he was allowed to keep his stage name. As a result of the lawsuit, Black currently performs as Jay Black the Voice.

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