What Japanese or Korean Drama Series Can You Watch Online for Free?

"High Kick Through The Roof," "More Charming by the Day" and "Smile Dong Hae" are among the top-rated Korean dramas available for free on DramaFever.com. DramaFever also provides free Japanese drama series. Among the highest rated Japanese dramas are "The Hours of My Life," "Partners in Blood" and "Dear Sister." DramaFever also offers several Latin telenovelas and dramas from other Asian countries.

DramaFever offers free ad-supported dramas, comedies, movies and other shows from 12 different countries. A premium membership option on the website allows viewers to skip ads to watch the shows uninterrupted. According to DramaFever's "About us" page, it is "the largest online video distributor of international televised content."

Another website similar to DramaFever is viki.com. Viki operates on a model similar to DramaFever, where a viewer either watches the shows for free with ads or pays for a premium membership. However, Viki offers shows from a greater number of countries than DramaFever. Another stand-out feature of Viki is that much of the translation is done by community members and fans. According to an article on CNN.com, Viki's crowdsourcing of translation services has allowed for shows to be translated into over 200 languages, with about 50 of those being "vulnerable" or "endangered" languages.