What Are James Patterson's Books, in Order?


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The first three books by James Patterson are "The Thomas Berryman Number," "Season of the Machete" and "The Jericho Commandment." The next three books are "Virgin," "Black Market" and "The Midnight Club."

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The order of books in the "Daniel X" series by James Patterson from earliest to most recent is "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X," "Watch the Skies," "Demons and Druids," "Game Over" and "Armageddon." Another book in this series is set to be released in July, 2015. The title of this next book is "Lights Out." The "Daniel X" series is a science fiction adventure series, complete with superheroes and aliens.

The "Witch and Wizard" series by James Patterson contains five books, as of 2015. The order of these books is "Witch & Wizard," "The Gift," "The Fire," "The Kiss" and "The Lost." This is a series about a sister and brother who were imprisoned for being a witch and wizard. Whit and Wisty end up helping defeat an evil force that threatens to stamp art, music and magic out of the world.

James Patterson's "Confessions" series contains four books. These are "Confessions of a Murder Suspect," "Confessions: The Private School Murders," "Confessions: The Paris Mysteries" and "Confessions: The Murder of an Angel," which is set to be released in 2015.

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