What Are Some of the Jack Reacher Books?

Books in the "Jack Reacher" series include "Killing Floor," "The Enemy" and "One Shot." Lee Child is the author of the series, and a full book list is available on the Books section of LeeChild.com, as of June 2015.

"Killing Floor," released in 1997, is the debut novel in the "Jack Reacher" series. In the book, Reacher decides to visit Margrave, Georgia, but is soon arrested for a murder he didn't commit. A local detective and a female police officer attempt to help him prove his innocence. In the process, the three discover illegal activities taking place in Margrave.

"The Enemy" was released in 2004 and is the eighth book in the series. The book is a prequel to "Killing Floor," taking place eight years before the events in that book. While on duty in North Carolina, Reacher receives a call about a dead soldier. However, this soldier is a general who should have been in Europe, and Reacher soon discovers the general's wife is also dead.

"One Shot," released in 2005, is the ninth book in the series. In a small Indiana town, five people are killed by a gunman, and the evidence indicates a former Army sniper is the killer. The suspect requests Reacher, who comes to town to investigate the case. This book was adapted to the 2012 film "Jack Reacher," starring Tom Cruise as Reacher.

As of September 2015, there are 20 "Jack Reacher" books by author Lee Child. In the fifth book, "Echo Burning," Reacher hitchhikes in the Texas summer heat and is picked up by a woman named Carmen, who is being followed by someone. Her husband is a violent man locked up in jail, and Reacher decides to help Carmen fight him and anyone else who wants to harm her.

"Bad Luck and Trouble" is book 11 in the series, and it follows Reacher from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The action begins as an anonymous person deposits money into Reacher's bank account, triggering his curiosity. Reacher soon realizes the deposit is a signal only his former Army team knows, prompting him to search for his teammates and uncover a murderer.

In book 19, "Personal," Reacher travels to Europe to find a sniper who tried to kill the French president. The sniper is dangerous and elusive, and Reacher must travel over several countries to capture him and find out who hired him and why.