What Are Some Items in Cynthia Myers' Gallery?


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Cynthia Myers' gallery features etched and sand-carved art glass, including the vases titled "Egret in Flight," "Koi Fish and Lilies" and "Great Blue Heron." Her gallery, both in her shop and online, consists of a wide variety of glass products, such as wine glasses, vases, glass walls and shower enclosures.

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One piece in Cynthia Myers' gallery is called "Hollyhocks," which is a 25-inch-tall vase with hollyhock leaves carved onto it in a golden topaz color. "Great Blue Heron" is one of the most popular pieces in Cynthia Myers' gallery. It is a topaz bowl in the shape of a globe, with a flying heron etched on one side. Cynthia Myer's online gallery showcases a variety of goblets and vases. For example, the "Wild Coastal Iris" is a 6-inch-tall vase with iris blooms etched on all sides of it.

Though they are not for sale online, Cynthia Myer carries a variety of architectural pieces in her store gallery that consist of custom-designed glass art on windows and doors for both commercial and residential purposes. One such piece in her architectural gallery is the "Mermaid Shower Panels." These panels consist of two separate glass pieces that have a mermaid, jellyfish, sea turtle and various other forms of tropic sea life etched on them.

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