What Are Some Free Italian Movies Available on Youtube?

Many Italian films, such as "Nero's Big Weekend," "The Sins of Madame Bovary," "Beau Geste," "The Star Maker," and "Last Moments," can be found for free on YouTube. Most of these films feature either English subtitles or a dubbed audio track and do not require Italian fluency to watch.

"Nero's Big Weekend," often translated as "Nero's Mistress" from the original Italian title of "Mio Figlio Nerone," is a 1956 film directed by Italian director Steno. "The Sins of Madame Bovary," another Italian film available for free on YouTube, was directed 13 years later in 1969 and features French actress Edwige Fenech alongside Austrian actor Gerhard Riedmann. "The Star Maker," written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, is one of the most recent Italian films available on YouTube. Released in 1995, the film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1996 Academy Awards.

Many of the feature length films available on YouTube are older, more obscure films. Finding recent films for free online may prove difficult as they are protected under copyright law and thus violate YouTube's Terms of Service. Many of the Italian language films found on YouTube, while older, are still a great way to watch Italian films for free.