What Are Some Facts About Islamic Art?

Islamic art is a reflection of how Muslims view the spiritual world and the universe as a whole. The focus of Islamic art is the spiritual representation of objects and living beings, rather than their physical form.

For Muslims, reality, as well as art, centers around Allah. Artists and their audience use art as a vehicle to get closer to Allah. Beauty, as represented by art, is one of the qualities of the divine.

Common to all Islamic art is the use of geometric patterns. Geometry is seen as spiritual because the use of patterns conveys the infinite nature of Allah and the universe; for example, complex geometric design gives the impression of infinity. Circles, seen as having no beginning or end, are used as a reminder that Allah is infinite.

Because Islam is integral to every part of life, Islamic art is integrated into everyday objects. It makes these objects beautiful and reminds the viewer of the importance of Islam by incorporating religious art into objects that are viewed in daily life. The ornamentation of these everyday items with a seemingly-infinite pattern helps to dissolve the individual object into the infinite whole and emphasizes the importance of the small individual within it.