How Do You Find Iran Proud Persian Movies?

iran-proud-persian-movies Credit: digitalskillet/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Iran Proud Persian movies are located on claims to be the largest collection of high-quality Persian movies on the Internet. However, the legality of the website is questionable, so using it is not recommended.

In addition to Persian movies, streams Persian TV shows, music and cartoons. There are also a few American movies available on the website, such as "Julie & Julia." offers users access to live Persian TV as well. Users can view content that is currently airing on channels such as Gem Junior, BBC Persian, AAA Family and TV Persia. In addition to its main website, has a YouTube channel and forums where users can discuss the latest shows.

However, it is unlikely that is a legal streaming website. A link to the DMCA disclaimer is located on the bottom of the website, but the link is dead as of April 2014. There is also a Contact Us link at the bottom of the site, but this link is dead as well. When using Google to search for videos on, some of the results show up as blocked due to copyright violations. Therefore, the website is likely illegal, and use of it is not encouraged.