What Are Some Free Internet Radio Sites?

What Are Some Free Internet Radio Sites?

What Are Some Free Internet Radio Sites?

Some free Internet radio sites include Pandora, Last.fm, Slacker and Mog. Spotify and iTunes also offer radio-like streaming features.

Pandora is a popular Internet radio playlist that generates playlists based on similar artists. Users can enter an artist's name and the service plays selections similar to that artist.

Last.fm offers a music player feature on its website that lets users stream music based on artists' names, tags or existing library selections. Users who subscribe to other services, such as Spotify, Rdio and other partner streaming providers, can also access content from those services through their Last.fm profiles.

Unlike Pandora and Last.fm, Slacker does not primarily use algorithms to generate playlists. Instead, other users curate stations and share them on the platform. However, it also offers a generative playlist function for users who want to play music by similar artists.

Mog allows users to enter an artist, song or genre and uses that to generate a streaming playlist. It also offers a browsing feature to let users discover new music based on what other users are listening to.

Although Spotify is better known as an on-demand streaming service that allows users to create their own playlists, it also offers a feature called "Discover" which generates recommendations based on the user's existing selections and listening history. It also lets users share playlists with friends.

iTunes Radio is a feature in iTunes on desktop computers and in the Music application on iOS. It is offered as a stand-alone application for Apple TV. It offers traditional DJ-curated radio stations and genre-based generated playlists.