What Is the Internet Legend "Jeff the Killer"?


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The Internet legend "Jeff the Killer" involves the protagonist of a creepypasta story, which is a horror story that people post on online forums. The story of "Jeff the Killer" revolves around a young man with homicidal urges. The story contains elements of violence.

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Originally an ordinary teenager, Jeff moves into a new neighborhood with his parents and older brother. He first attacks three bullies who try to mug him and his brother. The next day, two police officers pay a visit to Jeff, and he confesses his crime. However, Jeff's brother denies his story and takes the blame for the attack. When his brother is sent to a correctional facility in his place, Jeff is tremendously upset.

A few days later, Jeff comes across the three bullies at a birthday party. The bullies attack Jeff, hold the guests at gunpoint to prevent any intervention and mock Jeff's brother. Now in a frenzied state, Jeff murders one of the bullies, but another bully smashes a vodka bottle on his head and ignites the alcohol.

Jeff wakes up in a hospital and realizes that his face is greatly deformed. His appearance makes him laugh hysterically. Thinking it's just the medicine, the doctors send him home. The story ends with Jeff murdering his parents.

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