What Are Some Interesting Facts About the TLC Roloff Divorce?

As of 2015, Matt and Amy Roloff of TLC's "Little People, Big World" have not divorced, although the couple announced plans to engage in a trial separation in March 2014. During the separation, Matt is living in the couple's guest house.

The Roloffs were married for 26 years at the time of their separation announcement. Matt stated that he wanted to try living apart from Amy because he did not feel at home in his own house. He said the separation was the result of years of tension between him and his wife. Meanwhile, Amy remarked that the decision saddened her, and it was not her choice to separate. She expressed that it was especially difficult to handle the situation because the couple did not have any plans on how to work out their relationship troubles.

In April 2015, Matt Roloff announced on his Facebook account that the TLC television show featuring him, Amy and their children was filming new episodes. Although the TLC website states that the show is not on schedule, episodes of the show may reveal further information regarding the status of the Roloffs' marriage. Another possible topic covered in the upcoming season is Zach Roloff's and Tori Patton's wedding.