What Are Some Interesting Facts About Mark Lowry's Life?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Mark Lowry's Life?

Mark Lowry was born on June 24, 1950, in Houston, Texas, to an attorney named Charles and his wife named Beverly. Lowry suffers from hyperactivity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Lowry attended Liberty University, though at the time it was known as Liberty Baptist College. Here he joined the school's evangelistic team, which also consisted of Charles Hughes and David Musselman. During the performances, there would be an elongated pause while the soundtrack would change, so Lowry would fill the space with a monologue, thus beginning his comedy career.

Lowry was badly injured in a car accident in 1978 near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He suffered 11 broken bones, requiring an extensive amount of physical therapy.

Lowry wrote the lyrics to his popular song "Mary, Did You Know?" in 1984 when he was asked to write a script for a church Christmas play. The lyrics would not be put to music for another 12 years when musician and songwriter Buddy Green finally came up with something. Lowry has released six comedy videos and two solo music albums, and he has spent a total of 18 years with The Gaither Vocal Band, as of 2015.

Lowry has a brother, sister, three nieces and three nephews, but he is currently single with no children.