What Are Some Interesting Facts About Lisa Robertson's QVC Show?


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Some interesting facts about Lisa Robertson's QVC show are that it was on the air for almost twenty years, the host was harassed by multiple stalkers during its run, and it ended in 2014 when Robertson retired from the network. The show was one of the network's most popular programs.

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At various points during her Lisa Robertson’s 20-year-long run as a host on the QVC network, four different men stalked and harassed her. She claimed these experiences left her feeling shaken and vulnerable, so much so that there was a period in her life where she remained locked in her house with the alarm system on at all times, unless she was at work.

One stalker in particular, Peter Ferreira, harassed Robertson for over a decade, bombarding her with rambling online messages and following her around the country whenever she traveled for work. Ferreira's nephew's wife even called QVC security at one point to warn them about her uncle's inappropriate obsession with the television star.

Even after Ferreira went to jail for his stalking behavior, he continued to pursue Robertson. Despite the judge warning Ferreira that he would go to jail for five years if he contacted Robertson again, the QVC host still lived in fear that he would resume his stalking activities. Though Robertson said that the stalking incidents were not the main reason behind her decision to end her show and leave QVC, she did say that they played a part in it.

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