What Are Some Interesting Facts About Lily Pearl Black?

An interesting fact about Lily Pearl Black is that her parents are famed country singers Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. Lily spent her early years living in Los Angeles, California, but Lily and her family also spend significant time in Nashville, as of 2015.

Lily starred alongside her parents in the movie "Flicka 3," the story of two women who struggling to keep a stable running. In the movie, Lily plays Stephanie's horse-loving little sister. Lily's mom plays one of the women who own the stable, and her father plays a hired hand who helps with the stable's daily work and brings Flicka to bond with the women.

Lisa Hartman Black has other acting credits, including a starring role in the Hallmark Channel's "Back To You and Me." Lily's parents won a Grammy award for their duet “When I Said I Do" and often tour together performing their award-winning duet and other songs.

Although Lily is the first child of Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black, Lily has a half-sister, Chelsea Bain, from Clint Black's previous marriage. Chelsea is an aspiring singer.

Clint Black reported that he sold his sports car after Lily's birth and bought a practical family sedan. Lily's parents waited until 10 years into their relationship to have a child.