What Are Some Interesting Facts About Leprechauns?

Stories and legends portray leprechauns as a form of fairy known for being intelligent tricksters. Like many other magical creatures, they are said to make unique sounds when they are in the area.

Leprechauns are traditionally depicted as a diverse people. Legends say they play nasty tricks, and are often quite greedy. However, they also have very volatile natures. While they are prone to vengeful fits and can do significant harm to humans, they can also be very playful. Stories say that a leprechaun's mood depends on how well local humans treat him. When they are angry, they can be placated through gifts.

Not all leprechauns are portrayed as tricksters. Some are said to be very elderly and wise. A common element in almost all stories of leprechauns is the color and style of their clothing. Leprechauns are traditionally depicted wearing green clothing and buckled shoes, although the earliest stories portrayed them with red clothing and robes.

Leprechauns are traditionally associated with great wealth. One of the most popular legends surrounding leprechauns concerns the gold they store in pots. Leprechauns are usually portrayed as shoe makers, and they earn their fortune through the work they do for other magical creatures.