What Are Some Interesting Facts About Jesse Rutherford of the Band The Neighbourhood?

Jesse Rutherford's band once turned down an appearance on “the Tonight Show with Jay Leno” because the show wouldn’t broadcast the band in black and white. Rutherford explains that the band does everything in black and white because the colors go with its music. As of 2015, all of the band’s music videos and artwork have been released in black and white only.

The band began to use the British spelling of the word neighborhood after its manager suggested the change since an American band was already using the name. Upon the band's emergence, not much was known about the band, and fans searched the Internet for any information they could find. In April 2012, BBC Radio One DJ Zane Lowe revealed that The Neighbourhood featured musician Jesse Rutherford. Rutherford also made appearances in commercials as a child and landed roles in various films before joining The Neighbourhood.

Jesse Rutherford was born in Newbury Park, California, on Aug. 21, 1991. In 2011, he and a group of friends formed a band and released a debut EP album the following year. Its singles included “Female Robbery” and “Sweater Weather,” which reached number one on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in 2013. The band's second EP album was entitled “Thank You.”