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The Human League was an electronic synthpop band that formed in Sheffield, England, in 1977. It was a popular and innovative band that went on to become an early international sensation in the New Wave music movement of the 1980s.

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The genesis of the Human League began when synth players Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh teamed up and performed under the name "The Dead Daughters." During this phase of their careers, the highlight of their performance was a synthesized rendition of the "Dr. Who" theme song. Later, the duo changed their name to "The Future," and then they added Philip Oakey and Adrian Wright as members, changing the band's name to "The Human League."

In 1978, The Human League signed to an independent label and released its first single, "Being Boiled." After a stint opening for Siouxsie and the Banshees on tour, the band released an EP, "The Dignity of Labour" followed by a full-length debut, "Reproduction." During this period, the band decided to add a bass player, Ian Burden, as well as two additional vocalists, Joanne Catherall and Susanne Sulley.

During its run, The Human League released nine studio albums, four EPs and 30 singles. As of 2015, the band has sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

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