What Are Some Interesting Facts About Gordon Korman?

There are several interesting facts about author Gordon Korman that include the fact that his Swindle series was bought by Nickelodeon and made into a made-for-TV movie, he loves to travel, he is a native Canadian, his books have been translated into 30 different languages, he published his first novel when he was just a freshman in high school and he began his writing career at the age of 12. Korman is a bestselling author of more than 80 books for children and young adults.

He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on October 23, 1963, and grew up in the Toronto, Ontario, area. He was in the seventh grade when he first started to write. A twist of fate left his school's track and field coach to teach English. Not knowing how best to teach the class, the coach let the students work on whatever they wanted to work on for the remainder of the year as long as it was English related. Korman chose to work each day for the period on writing a novel. The novel was titled, "This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall."

When he finished, his mom helped him type up his novel and then he submitted it to Scholastic. He had been the class monitor for all of the Scholastic Book Orders, so he felt like he had a way in to the company. Scholastic liked the novel and decided to publish it when Korman was just a freshman in high school. Ever since, he has been writing and has sold more than 25 million copies of his books world wide as well as earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University.