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Some interesting fonts, all available from Fontspace.com, are Crushed, Always Beside You, Without Notice, Rain Tax, ChopinScript and BrookeShappell8. Each of these fonts is designed in a different style and is used for a different purpose.

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Fontspace has hundreds of fonts available for free download as of 2015. None of these fonts are included in the standard Microsoft Windows font package and must be downloaded, extracted and installed into the fonts folder before they can be used.

Crushed is an imposing, all capital block letter font with streaks of white across black letters that give them the appearance of cracked glass. Always Beside You is a romantic underlined font that might be used for short phrases such as titles or names of gift recipients. Without Notice is an all-capital handwritten font that is somewhat italicized and looks as if it is written hastily with marker. Rain Tax is a cursive font with aggressive strokes and sharp corners on the letters' edges rather than the traditional smooth curves. ChopinScript is an elegant calligraphic cursive font that would be equally suitable for a wedding invitation or a symphony orchestra program title, and BrookeShappell8, a printed font, has the "bubble" look of a teenage girl's handwriting.

Once installed, fonts are available for use in any program that uses Windows fonts, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop.

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