What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Band Train?

What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Band Train?

Train's lead vocalist Pat Monahan left Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1993 to move to California where he met Rob Hotchkiss. The two were introduced to each other by their teacher wives. They formed the band in 1994. The band was originally rejected by Colombia Records for a record deal in 1996, so Train funded its own first self-titled record at a cost of $25,000. Two years later Colombia Records signed Train under one of its smaller labels called Aware Records.

In the band's early years, it was the opening act for bands such as Barenaked Ladies and Counting Crows. These tours funded its first self-recorded album.

The band's first Top 40 hit is "Meet Virginia," which debuted after Colombia Records signed the group. The next album release in 2001, "Drops of Jupiter," sold 3 million copies, while the song "Drops of Jupiter" remained in the Top 40 for 40 weeks and earned the band two Grammy Awards. In 2003 the band's album "My Private Nation" released with the hit, "Calling All Angels," which did not have as much success as other releases but was still certified platinum.

Train released another album in 2006 called "For Me, It's You," after Hotchkiss and Charlie Colin left the band, but it yielded very low record sales. This resulted in a three-year break for the band.

Vocalist Monahan followed with a solo tour and album and rejoined with the band in 2009 to release "Save Me, San Francisco," which revived Train's career.