What Are Some Interesting Backyard Gazebo Designs?


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Having an observatory-inspired gazebo, an entertaining area with a table, chairs, roof and curtains, a nature sanctuary with birdhouses and wind chimes, a rustic gazebo made from wood and a Victorian gazebo are some unique designs for backyard gazebos, notes Better Homes & Garden magazine. Homeowners have many options for backyard gazebos: they can have open tops or closed tops, serve as entertainment spots or secluded spaces, and be constructed from wood, metal and more. Gazebos can be made from kits, and customized according to personal taste and style, or they can follow a pre-designed plan.

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For closed-roof gazebos, those with tiered roofs, bell roofs and canopies are interesting ideas, notes the Huffington Post. Tiered-roof gazebos have a triangle-shaped trio of overhead pieces, with a large base, smaller second roof and either a mini dome or decorative piece, such as a bell, for the top layer. Painting the gazebos and trim in white makes them particularly attractive. Adding soft curtains enhances their romantic charm and adds privacy. For an entertainment area, gazebos can have a canopy roof, a table, chairs and lights.

For nature-inspired themes, placing a gazebo near a stream or built around an existing tree trunk are unique ideas. Riverside gazebos offer the calming sounds of moving water. They offer even more appeal when placed in view of man-made or natural ponds with lilies and koi. Hanging birdhouses around the gazebo's columns and surrounding it with bushes, flowers and plants is another way to create a peaceful, private outdoor area.

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