What Are Some Interesting Architectural Floor Plans for Homes?


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Some interesting architectural floor plans for homes include the adobe, the contemporary and the Cape Cod. Vacation home options could include float homes and log cabins, both types offering several floor plans.

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Adobe homes are modeled after those built by early inhabitants of the Southwest. Typically they are single-floor construction, with white or light tan exteriors that have rounded corners and wooden post accents. The original adobes were made out of mud and straw bricks and the idea is to keep that look but use more modern construction materials. Adobes are becoming more popular because of the push to "build green," with some designs incorporating solar panels.

Contemporary homes are clean-lined, in some cases almost boxy. They can have one or more floors and any number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and tend to have flat roofs. In scenic areas, such as on a lakefront lot, a common practice is to create a wall of windows facing the water. Another popular option is to have a swimming pool, preferably rectangular or perfectly squared, in a center courtyard.

Cape Cods usually have two or more floors and a beveled roof design. Dormer windows on the second floor add architectural interest to the roof. These homes are popular in the New England area, particularly along the coast. Large windows are common, offering an abundance of natural light. One quirky design even has a lighthouse tower hiding a spiral staircase.

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